Da Vinci Outrage

Protests, Demonstrations, Hunger Strikes, Boycotts, …

Get a grip people!

Has our faith become so weak now that it is threatened by a Hollywood interpretation of a novel? Or do people just want to protest about anything and everything anymore. The ever paranoid “Christianity is under attack” rallying cry as I like to term it. Why were there no howls of protest when for example “National Treasure” came out? Maybe it’s because we all knew that that was an entertaining tale and nothing more?

This is a Movie based on a Novel. Have we all forgotten the definition of the word “fiction”? Don’t people realize that by raising such a hue and cry, they are actually giving credence to this so called conspiracy that was created out of thin air?

Ron Howard the director of the film was quoted saying … “The Da Vinci Code is fiction, and shouldn’t be assumed to be anything but — so there’s no need for disclaimers or apologies.” He is absolutely right. The author of the novel Dan Brown never asserted that this book was based on any historical or theological fact. In fact that’s why he won the copyright case. He had written a storybook.

I haven’t watched the movie myself or read the book, but I have no problems with either. All this protest nonsense does is to give additional publicity to a movie, which by most reviews is mediocre at best. And for those of you that believe this will spread misconceptions, and threatens our religion, there is a much better way to deal with it. When someone questions you about the premise of the Da Vinci code, hand them your version of the “Truth”. It’s called a Bible. It’s been translated in over 2100 languages and is the best selling book of all time – over 5 billion distributed and counting. And every one of them in every “version” tells us the same exact story with respect to Jesus and the topic at hand.

Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith? Matt, 8-26

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