Naked PCs and the Goon Squad

A while back Microsoft had to be told by the USDOJ that they were NOT allowed to intimidate PC vendors. I guess that only applied to the US. It appears that Microsoft still can’t believe that anyone would buy a PC without their crappy OS included. And based on THIS pamphlet, they will help vendors out by sending out their Goon Squad in case a customer requests one from a “partner”. Well isn’t that special !

Here’s the ZDNET UK report.

Microsoft of course denies all of this. “I can confirm that the… personnel are not participating in customer visits. This is an error in the copy and will be amended in future material on the subject”

Microsoft’s behavior always reminds me of the George character in Sienfeld episode when his boss confronts him about having sex on his desk with the cleaning woman. Every time Microsoft gets caught in yet another unethical or illegal act, they like George are always “shocked”. The “Was that wrong ? Was I not supposed to do that?” act.

And the President of China – Hu Jintao is now going to be a guest at the Gates mansion. And what did the Government of China decree last week? That China’s computer manufacturers must install operating software before their goods leave the factory gates. No naked PCs.

I don’t care how many billions one has. NO private company should have that much clout. Disgusting.

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