Dead Last !

A picture is worth a thousand words. Here’s the result of a recent Forrester Research survey – The 2005 Technology Brand Scorecard. Microsoft barely made the chart.

Forrester’s explanation – “One measure of consumers’ dissatisfaction with Microsoft is seen in the 5.4 million households that give it a brand trust score of 1 [distrust a lot] or 2 [distrust a bit]. …. These households know they run Microsoft software but would be just as happy to leave it behind — if they could.” ars technica has the gory details.

There it is in black and white – I mean in full color. NO ONE trusts Microsoft as a brand. What does that tell you about the richest company in the world? And the manner in which they got rich.

Aye, the company that keeps repeating the “Trustworthy Computing” mantra is DEAD LAST when it comes to being trusted. Ballmer better “sponsor” another survey real quick showing that twenty two Server 2003 certified partners “trust” Microsoft more than any other company. Heh.

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