Most Secure OS – Regurgitated

In a recent interview with CNET news, Jim Allchin, group VP of Microsoft stated “Safety and security is the overriding feature that most people will want to have Windows Vista for”. I can’t help but to roll my eyes skyward. Here we go again. How many times have we heard that before? With EVERY new release of Windows?

Wasn’t Windows XP the “most secure operating system” MS had made? Oh how things change in 5 years. Here’s a direct quote from Allchin – “A standard Windows XP computer can get hacked the moment it is connected to the Internet”. He got that right at least. Does that sound like the most secure OS on the planet to you?

So now the push to Vista is ON. Microsoft is the only company in the world that can trash its own products to sell its new products. “Buy Windows 2000 and avoid blue screens of death”. “Buy Vista because XP is insecure”. I can’t imagine the GM of Ford or Chevy going out to the world and saying “Our 2000 Cavalier / Taurus is a death trap – you need the latest 06′ model”. That’s what you get when you have an illegal monopoly controlling your computing environment.

It amazes me that people still believe the pile of poop from Microsoft every time a so called new release comes out from Redmond. There have been many references on the web about Windows apologists acting like abused spouses. And in saying that I am in no way making light of a serious social issue. And NO I am not calling anyone at Microsoft a wife beater. But when I hear the people defend Microsoft, the parallels are uncanny.

The people who use Windows claim they are dependent on MS. They are reluctant to leave because MS and the Tech media have filled them with the FUD that life will be miserable if you leave them. They have all this “software” that will only run on Windows – the “hanging on for the sake of the children” excuse. They get spanked every time the latest worm / virus / spyware infestation hits their computer, but it is always someone else’s fault. Or it is their own fault for not protecting their computer. They tout the redeeming features of MS and Gates – “He is such a wonderful guy, he gives billions to charity”. And with every new service pack / bug fix / new release, you get the “things will be different from now on” excuse. Sounds exactly like a battered wife to me and for someone who has been in EMS for years, they sound like the same excuses. And if someone gets in their face about the truth, they will lash out at Apple or Linux. They will point out all the vulnerabilities in the other OS’s. Never mind that there are over a 100,000 viruses/worms for Windows and zero for OSX so far. I call that the “my man may be a wife beater, but your mans farts smell” excuse. In fact, I have never met a Windows defender in this world – only apologists.

I used to spend my spare time fixing the malware infested machines of friends and co-workers. I find it hard to sympathize anymore with people that are deliberately willing to let themselves get abused over and over again. I find myself thinking that I am an “enabler” when I do that.

I am paraphrasing a quote on a website I read, but there comes a time when a certain company has crossed that psychological “screw you” line just so many times that you don’t give a crap about “the next best thing” that comes out of their door.

I got myself out of this abusive relationship 5 years ago after having gone through all the iterations from DOS to XP/SP2. One fine day I decided I just had “had enough” and walked out of the MS world. And I have never once looked back. You can do it too.

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