Post Migration – First Impressions

The migration from Blogger to WordPress is now complete.  This was necessitated by the fact that Blogger was deprecating FTP publishing.  I tried the migration tool but didn’t like the way I would have to publish my blog on a sub-domain.  I decided to bite the bullet and switch to WordPress.  I use cPanel on this domain and installing WordPress was a snap using Fantastico.  The hard part (for a little while) was getting my old posts on to WordPress.  I had to eventually resort to exporting a backup of my blog from blogger and then used an online tool to convert the file to a WordPress file that I could then import.

The WordPress dashboard is very intuitive and incredibly easy to use.  I was able to download themes, set my parameters, and configure my settings with ease.  The (free) WordPress  themes have a crisp and professional look and feel that I certainly found lacking in blogger.  I am a HUGE Google fan but my First Impressions of WordPress as a publishing tool have me hooked.

I’m hoping to get back to blogging regularly and I think having easy convenient software such as WordPress certainly makes it more enticing.

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