In Mumbai

Some random observations about this Mumbai trip.

Continental’s 777 direct flight to Mumbai from Newark is a great time saver. Hard on the knees in coach class but the in-flight entertainment system is nice.

The person in the seat next to me managed to somehow reboot her inflight system and lo and behold it runs Linux! I am speculating it’s Mandrake but I could be wrong. But most definitely Linux with lil’ Tux in the corner.

The traffic is always a shock factor when it comes to Bombay. Every time I land here it still takes me aback. I have been spoiled driving in Kentucky now for decades, and even the worst rush hour at Spaghetti junction (Louisville Interchange) is nothing compared to the average morning traffic in the outer suburbs like Navi Mumbai.

Navi Mumbai has the annoying habit of building stuff and then tearing up stuff – especially roads to build more stuff. It is a perpetual construction zone. I would like to truly see it COMPLETE some day.

The run of the mill rural hospital in Kentucky has better “small equipment” than the very well run BARC (large) hospital in Mumbai. I’m talking about Vitals monitoring, sticky pads for EKGs etc. Sorry Mr. Moore, America still has one of the best if not the BEST health care system on the planet. The nurses in India still wear the old fashioned starched white dresses with the stockings and the pinned hat. No scrubs here. Kinda nice – looks really professional.

And lastly Blogger smartly recognizes that I am in India and gives me the option to type in Hindi.


Very Cool.

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