New iMacs

The new iMacs are here.
They even have the (soon to be leaving) head honcho of Microsoft Security yearning for one. They look pretty sharp to me, but some people don’t seem to like the black bezel.

The disappointing part of the announcements yesterday for me was that the new iMovie ’08 is not supported on G4 Macs. I guess I have finally reached the obsolescence point. It is actually a credit to Macs that I have not felt the need to upgrade for years. All good things must come to an end I guess. This coupled with the fact that my trusty ol’ G3 iBook (Snowwhite) recently bit the dust due to the now infamous logic board issue, tells me I am now officially behind the times. 🙂

Note to apple: Releasing an update titled iPhoto 7.0.1 for the newly released iPhoto ’08 is one sure way to cause confusion. Didn’t anyone at Apple see the apparent number conflict here?

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