Macs in the Enterprise

For all those doubters / MS shills that claim Macs are no good in the enterprise. Here’s a ComputerWorld Article that details the switch. This is the same company that the Microsoft Goon squad – Microsoft Software Asset Management Engagement Manager – targeted in a shakedown last year.

As always, ALL bullies are cowards, and when Frantz refused to buckle and took the matter to his lawyers, Microsoft backed off.

The great part of this story is that as Frantz said, he is NOT doing this out of vengeance.

Instead, AWC’s new strategic enterprise technology plan is the direct result of proof-of-concept testing that indicates that the company can cut costs, increase system reliability and security, and provide expanded IT support services by porting a major portion of its IT infrastructure to Apple. Extricating itself from its exclusive dependence on Microsoft is simply the cherry on top.

Whoops! there goes the “Macs are expensive toys” tagline. Time for another Microsoft sponsored “Study” on TCO. As an added plus, the iPhone turned out to be the ideal vehicle for “live production data” and

After his little backyard experiment, Frantz has another plan in the works: order iPhones for the 50 or so traveling managers and give them anywhere/anytime access to VIPS data via Internet access furnished under an enterprise contract with AT&T; Inc.

Kudos to Dale Frantz for not succumbing to the “We have to buy Microsoft” because everyone else does mentality.

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