Yet another chapter comes to a close in the storied tradition that is KY basketball. And as another year has gone by, the descent to mediocrity continues unabated. Many of us have been screaming about this for the past few years, but we are dismissed by the general media as dumb fanatics who simply have unrealistic expectations. The Dick Vitales of this world keep harping on Tubby Smiths’ 26 win seasons, his performance in the SEC and his one National Championship.

I have said it numerous times before. This is KY basketball. We expect to be a top tier team every year. The loss yesterday to Kansas was almost a given. Last year when we lost to UConn, we at least put up a fight. Thanks to a Kentucky Boy named sparks who single handedly played his heart out. This year, we didn’t stand a chance. Every honest KY fan who saw that game knows in his heart that we could have played that team 100 times, and we would have LOST 100 times. KY is no longer a powerhouse. We are an OK team that cannot beat a decent top 25 team. Period. And the times we won against moderately good teams this year, someone was always hurt/missing form the opposing team. Else we wouldn’t even have made the tournament.

Here are some staggering statistics for the Tubby lovers out there.

Tubby Simth is the:

First UK coach to go 8 straight years without a final four.
The First UK coach to lose 10 or more games three years in a row, and 4 of the last 7 years.
First UK coach to be swept by Vandy in a season in 32 years.
First UK coach to lose 4 straight to an SEC opponent in 30 years.
Only coach to lose to Ole Miss at Rupp.
Only coach to lose to Vandy twice at Rupp.
Most Double Digit loss seasons of any UK coach
Has NEVER recruited a player to play in a final four in 16 years as a head coach.
Only UK coach to lose consecutive games to Kansas.
Only coach to ever lose to a number 1 ranked team at rupp.

This is our first season with 0 wins against ranked opponents going into the tournament in 33 years. We have now lost 6 in a row to Florida. They OWN us on the hardwood floor.

People used to FEAR KY and be intimidated by Rupp Arena. Today we are just another ordinary road win for ordinary teams.

It is downright sickening. And the administration will let it continue for NO other reason than the fact that they are scared to be labelled “racist” by that niche crowd who will immediately play that card if Tubby gets fired. The fact of the matter is that niche crowd will never go away. Pandering to them to the detriment of KY basketball makes a mockery of all the equality that blacks have faught for over the years.

It is time for Tubby Smith to go.

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