Another Four in a Row

UK had another lackluster performance yesterday. They have now lost four in a row to Vanderbilt. I can’t believe I am writing the same thing a year after a post I made last year when we got swept by Vandy. Kentucky has not beaten a SINGLE ranked team this year. We are 0-6 against ranked teams.

Tubby Smith is a mediocre coach. What’s worse he has taken an elite basketball program and slowly and systematically run it into the ground where we are now the laughing stock of College Basketball. He is arrogant and will never accept it is his fault. Even after the latest loss, he was out blaming the players.

“It was our veterans making the mistakes,” said Smith.
“When Randolph doesn’t get the ball, he tends to stop working,” Smith said.
“It’s the same thing every game,” said Smith.
“We’ve won in the past,” said Smith at the end of his post-game news conference, “so it’s a matter of personnel.”

Tubby along with his supporters don’t “Get it”. This is Kentucky Basketball we are talking about. 10 loss seasons and just “making” the NCAA are NOT good enough. You want to be a mediocre coach of a mediocre team, be my guest. LEAVE! A great analysis of the difference between where we were and where we are can be found here.

Finally the mainstream press is catching up to what we so called “Tubby Bashers” have been screaming about for years.

When passionate fans such as yours truly don’t even care anymore when KY loses, the program is truly in dire straits. Someone in the UK administration needs to show some guts and FIRE Tubby Smith. He is too deluded to leave on his own. The SEC and NCAA tourneys are lost causes anyways. Fire him NOW. It’s not like he is going to be out on the street on food stamps.

Send a message that the only thing that will be tolerated at UK is excellence. Anything else falls short of the mark.

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