Building Bridges, Spreading FUD

And now from the “gag me” department. Via Groklaw.

Dan Bricklin is hosting a meeting on Monday from 9AM to noon sponsored by the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council on the Novell-Microsoft deal.

Our expert panel will discuss this agreement and related issues with heavy audience participation, as is the tradition of our Open Source group.

I can guarantee the ONE question that every Linux/Open Source advocate is dying to ask and that WON’T be answered is:

“What Microsoft IP does Linux infringe on?” Specifically.

Any takers?

Update: Looks like a bunch of people submitted questions and the meeting has now been postponed.

After a review of the areas that would be covered by questions provided in advance by attendees, it became clear that there needed to be other speakers better able to address those issues.

I wonder who the “Other Speakers” are. Lawyers, Maybe?

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