WGA locks out a beta tester

Ever wonder why I keep calling Microsoft evil? Here’s a classic example. Warning: The blog has some salty language since the man is obviously upset.

Rob was a beta tester for Microsoft and was an ardent supporter. WGA killed his Vista activation. When he griped about it they called him a thief and deleted his comments from the boards. Then they completely cut him off from all the boards. His passport account has been blocked. Classic Microsoft.

Here’s a quote from his blog:

I’m really frustrated by this, and I can’t believe MS is doing it. But this isn’t a life quest for me – at least not until after the Cowboys game is over. Am I disappointed, disgusted, frustrated and even appalled? Yes I am. MS has really done more then let me down today. They’ve embarrassed me for supporting them. They’ve lost some trust I don’t think they can ever regain. They have been evil. They have censored me. They have cut my voice off – ignored my opinions, and basically disposed of me. I won’t forget that anytime soon. Mostly I am sorry for the time and energy I have spend over the last year supporting Vista. I am heart-broken that I spent that time fruitlessly for a company that obviously doesn’t care, doesn’t get it, and could care less if I was a happy customer. I am dismayed that they cut me off without consultation. I am freaked out that they delete my posts. Best one word description for my experience with MS today: disgust.

Look for this to be repeated over and over again when Vista gets to the masses. When WGA decides you are a THIEF, you will be locked out of your machine and you will have no recourse. Another great scam brought to you by the disgusting despicable morally and ethically bankrupt monopoly.

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3 Responses to WGA locks out a beta tester

  1. Rob says:

    But then – other companies have problems as well – like Blogger, just now:

    Blogger Problem

    This server is currently experiencing a problem. An engineer has been notified and will investigate.

    Status code: 1-500-21

  2. Rob says:

    Hmmm – I left another comment before this that Blogger “ate”.

    Anyway, was just thanking you for the link.


  3. Ed says:

    This is why I offer a Linux CD to anyone who wants one. 🙂

    I’ve converted many people thus far. I hope that Vista allows me to convert even more.

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