Get your Zero Day Fixes here.

In the tragic, and from my perspective hilarious saga of Microsoft Security, we now have security vendors who are beating Microsoft to the punch when it comes to patches to its own operating system. This is truly pathetic, but when confronted with zero day exploits left and right, I guess many companies can’t sit around and wait for Microsoft fixes and have to take matters into their own hands.

Remember folks, Vista is just a few months away and this is the same company that claimed you can trust Vista on Day one. I am sure all these security issues will magically disappear the day Vista gets released sometime next year. 🙂

An interesting sidebar to the above linked article is the following quote by Ballmer. Microsoft is “at the beginning of 12 months of the greatest innovation pipeline we have ever had.” That link is from October 2005. Quick – name 3 things Microsoft has “innovated” in the past year. Heck, name just one.
Heh … I thought so.
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