Trees don’t move

My wife Kimmie was one of the casualties of the heavy storms over the weekend. She was driving down Lovelaceville road on Friday afternoon to run some errands not realizing how bad the road conditions had deteriorated over the morning. She hydroplaned, crossed both lanes and hit a tree head-on on the opposite side of the road. Luckily she was wearing her seat belt and there was no oncoming traffic. She had also slowed down considerably due to the road conditions or it could have been disastrous. Both the driver and passenger side airbags deployed so it was a pretty good impact. She ended up in knee deep water in a ditch but was conscious and was able to extricate herself from the car. You hate to receive that phone call about your wife being in an accident, but I was glad that it was Kimmie calling me about the wreck and not a police officer. Having been with the Rescue Squad for many years, I know that if someone is talking to me after a head on collision, it is a very good thing. But even with all that experience my heart still jumped to my throat and I only calmed down after I spoke to the Medic on scene on the phone.

As of today Kimmie is doing well. She is badly bruised and is very sore but no broken bones. She has a badly bruised left forearm which I believe was from the airbag deployment. We had just celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary a couple of weeks ago and when things like this happen, it always makes you take stock of what’s important in life. I would like to thank the Lone Oak Fire Department and Mercy EMS for their prompt and wonderful response. You can find more pictures of the car /aftermath on my iweb page.

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  1. Ed says:


    Good lord, I’m glad to hear that Kim’s doing OK. Was the car totalled? It looks like it took a good amount of damage.

  2. Aye,

    The body shop called with the estimate. It is a total loss. We are still waiting for the adjustor to determine the loss value.

    Kimmie is still sore but getting better day by day.


  3. Ed says:

    Please send Kimmie my regards. I hope she’s back to feeling better soon. 🙂

    I know you guys are a Chevy family. If you’re trying to decide what to get next, I would highly recommend taking an Aveo for a test drive and see what you guys think.

    Truely a remarkable car.

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