Demanding an Apology

I have never understood this concept, and I hear it all the time now. It seems like everyday you read / hear in the media about someone “demanding” an apology for being wronged. People do it, groups do it, and even nations do it.

What good does it do to DEMAND an apology? And if you demand one and get one – say at gunpoint, does it actually mean anything? Are they really sorry for what they did or are they only saying “Im’ sorry” to avoid the consequences?. I have never demanded an apology from anyone. That does not mean I endorse being a doormat by any means. When I am wronged, I make it abundantly clear to the person who wronged me about what they had done. If they then feel sorry for what they have done and apologize, I can then choose to accept their apology or not. If they don’t, then I am clear as to where they stand.

Demanding an apology is a sort of macho streak, like twisting someone’s arm in the schoolyard till they tell you they are sorry. In a mature adult world it is completely meaningless. In fact even if the person that wronged you felt sorry for what they had done, how would you know if you demanded an apology and got one?

Just a thought …

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  1. This is one of my biggest pet peeves… “I demand an apology” is right up there with “I’ll apologize for what I did/said on the condition that YOU…” Both disrupt the intent and beauty of what a real apology can be, and should be.

    Do something because it’s right and because you have a conscience, and allow others to do the same.

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