IBM subpoenas Microsoft, Sun and HP over SCO trial

I just wanted to say … BOOOYAAAHH.


Not that I expect anything miraculous to come out of this. But cockroaches HATE sunshine and I can just see the likes of Anderer, McBride and Ballmer scurrying about while the Nazgul lawyers from IBM shine the spotlight on them. And I am DYING to know who at Microsoft suggested Baystar to invest in SCO. I would especially like to see them get cross examined by IBM’s lawyers to find out under who’s orders were they acting. This goes directly to the heart of Microsoft interfering in IBM’s business. Hey DOJ, are you taking notes ? After all Microsoft’s self proclaimed evangelist Scoble thinks transparency is good thing, right?

Meanwhile, it appears that Judge Wells is catching on to SCO’s perpetual discovery games. I love hearing the word DENIED when it comes to SCO. As everyone other than Microsoft and SCO in this case feels. Enough is Enough.

As always, follow Groklaw for the latest in this insane lawsuit.

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