Vandy Sweeps Kentucky

Vanderbilt!, not Florida or Tennessee. We got swept by Vanderbilt!.

And there’s more misery yet to come. Sheesh. I don’t care how many people say Tubby Smith is a nice guy. So what? My uncle Billy is a nice guy. That doesn’t mean he can coach KY. And as far as defending Tubby’s record, I think this season speaks for itself. It is very telling when a coach’s best year is his first. KY has been on a steady sure decline ever since.

We have blamed the players enough. It is one thing to rebuild a program from the ground up. It is quite another to be handed a prestigious program that was at the top of the heap and run it into the ground. What has happened to KY basketball over the past 8 years of “Tubby Ball” is nothing short of shameful. KY is not even going to MAKE the NCAA. The last time we heard that was when we were on probation.

I’m sorry, but TUBBY HAS GOT TO GO!

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