A real conservative party

I started this as a comment on Matt’s blog and I really liked the thought.
I wonder what would happen if we started a third/fourth party – called the “Conservative” party.
Why you ask? Because the Republican party is NOT conservative. Don’t even try arguing that. Just bashing democrats doesn’t make one a conservative. Instead of the catch phrase “Tax and Spend Liberal” you can now substitute “Borrow and Spend Republican”. And George Bush II to me has been the worst offender. You are a second term President. Sheesh! Use that Veto pen for something other than killing stem cell research.
The rules of entry to the Conservative Party would be simple. Proven fiscal conservatism. That would be the platform. The rules for staying in the party – no spending increases without spending cuts. Borrow even once and you are OUT. Let your voting record speak for itself.
The primary mandate of the party – balance the budget and eliminate the deficit – FOR REAL – not just on paper – with current income, NOT future projections. NO Exceptions. Your objective- cut spending, cut spending, cut spending.
The secondary mandate – eliminate the federal debt.
After that, if you have extra money left over, reduce taxes and give it back to the citizens.
On social issues – vote your conscience.
It’s Simple. It’s like the Dave Ramsey / Suze Orman method for Government.
Who’s with me?
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  1. Ed says:

    Now that’s something I can get behind, brother!

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