Haven’t posted in a while.

But just a random post about an Ad that has been running on TV for a while now. It’s the American Express business card Ad that shows the “poor newbie schmuck” that pulls out his Spiderman credit card and the German business associates snicker, leave and I guess by implication nix the deal. I don’t know why, but elitism like that bothers, irritates and angers me at a fundamental level.

Ask yourself the simple question. If those same snooty people were in a meeting with oh say Bill Gates or Warren Buffet and one of them pulled out a Mickey Mouse Credit card that their kid or grand kid had gifted them with, these same people would be grovelling as to how cute/unique/insert ooh-ah adjective here a card it was.

I have met many “nouveau rich” and people that are actually wealthy in my life. It is interesting to me that the people that are aspiring to belong to the upper echelon are the ones that are always elitist and the worst acting. The people that are truly wealthy and/or powerful and know that they are, seldom behave that way.

The presence of the elite and people that behave that way has always and will always leave me cold. To the guy that pulled out the Spidey card and all those like him I say you are better off. You don’t HAVE to get a Gold Amex Card just to impress the condescending rif raff. Become the next Larry Page or Mark Zuckerberg and you won’t have to worry about what cartoon figure is on your credit card.

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