Apple Obsessed

Apple released its latest security update and the Apple/Mac haters couldn’t wait to start their finger wagging.

Here’s one ZDNet blogger headline “Apple bumper patch vindicates MOAB, MOKB hackers”

Ryan Naraine uses the classic “bait and switch” argument of how Mac ads potray Windows Security vs Apple Security updates.

“…there’s a lot of work to be done at Apple if the security reality is to match those Mac commercials.”

First, other than Artie MacStrawman, NO ONE ever said OSX was bug free or 100% secure. The Mac ads were about the 114,000 viruses that affect Windows computers and DO NOT affect Macs. That is a truthful honest statement. Much more honest than Microsoft’s assertion “We have never had vulnerabilities exploited before the patch was known”. If Apple’s security updates vindicates the hackers, then Microsoft’s GAZILLION updates over the years surely vindicates all of those who have called Windows a lousy, buggy, insecure operating system.

My favorite quote from the blog

“…but, truth be told, Apple has a long way to go to match Redmond’s seriousness around security.”

That’s right. It’s now all about Microsoft’s GRAVITAS and has nothing to do with their record. Of course, Stephen Colbert’s definition of Gravitas -“the ability to make whatever one’s talking about sound extremely important.” really fits here.

Rest assured, the more Apple gets back into the mainstream of computing, the worse these Mac Obsessed attacks are going to get.

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