Another First

On Sunday March 4, 2007 Florida became the first team in History to beat Kentucky SIX times in a row. Vandy has already beaten us 4 in a row. We have NOT beaten a SINGLE ranked team this season? How many more of these infamous “firsts” do we have to go through before Tubby and/or the administration realizes that he is NOT the man for the job. Tubby Smith has stated where he stands with comments like “I don’t have to defend my record”. It is shameful that Kentucky basketball fans have now been reduced to rooting for a 1st round win in the SEC tournament. We used to OWN that place with names like Rupp Arena South and CATlanta. Now we will be lucky to get past the 1st round. KY will probably make it into the NCAA based solely on their name.

Here’a a great stat to chew on. Over his 16 year coaching career at Tulsa, Georgia and Kentucky, a Tubby Smith recruited player has NEVER been to a Final Four.

I would have never thought I’d be saying this but I hope we lose in the SEC 1st round and either don’t make it to the NCAA or lose in the 1st round there. That should eliminate all hope of a resurgence and we can finally fire this mediocre coach. Time to bring on Travis Ford or John Pelphry and bring back some HEART into this team.

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