IE7 – Years Late and Still Buggy

Microsoft released IE7 yesterday complete with all that (cough) “innovation” that Ballmer keeps yapping about. Hey look – Tabs! Here’s the CNet review. I couldn’t have said it any better.

The bottom line: IE 7 was Microsoft’s one chance to leapfrog ahead of the competition, but the company has only barely caught sight of the current front-runners. For more features and greater security, switch to Mozilla Firefox.

And of course, this being Microsoft, what’s a new browser without an exploit. It took less than 24 hours for Secunia to report a vulnerability. Talk about PATHETIC! Of course the apologists are already claiming that this is not a “new” bug and that it existed 6 months ago – which to me is worse. That means Microsoft knowingly released their new browser with an unpatched vulnerability. It also means that all that talk about “brand new secure code” is just bunk, and IE7 is just IE6 code with new features copied from Firefox and the other browsers.

It will be interesting to read the reactions (spin) of George Ou, John Carroll and all the other MS shills. Still think VISTA will (once again) be the “most secure OS” ever?

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