Apple Opens Up OSX Kernal – Power PC & Intel

Apple has opened up the OSX kernal along with a lot of other stuff. The iCal server and Bonjour to me are actually more interesting. I would love to see more web support for iCal instead of just WebDAV. Despite all the bad mouthing they received recently, remember that Apple had never officially killed the open source part of this project. It would be well for people to remember this in the future. This is Apple, NOT Microsoft.

All those who were up in arms about Apple having “closed” the OSX kernal for Intel can now eat crow. I particularly remember this story from just a few weeks back as it spread through the blogosphere.

Here’s a quote from that article …. “Apple has and is squandering the good graces and talent of many developers, that could make their products outstanding. Their greed and fear has kept them from truly embracing the concept of open source, something which might have helped them get out of the squeeze put upon them by Linux and Windows.”

Would someone like to print a retraction? All I see on Linux Today is a tiny blurb with a link to the downloads. Of course some will claim that Apple was shamed into doing this. If so, great. At least Apple has some shame, unlike some other companies I know. So for those of you that like to compile their own OSX Kernals, here ya go.

And speaking of Microsoft, they are now going around telling ISVs that Open Source is “too complex“.

“Hey Kettle, the Pot Called. He thinks you’re black.”

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