Unless you have been living under a rock for the past weeks, you have undoubtedly heard of Microsoft’s new iPod/iTunes killer device / platform. As always John Gruber has a great take about it on it on his website.
So after years of ranting about how the iPod / iTunes “restricted choice”, now Microsoft in its infinite wisdom is set to do the exact same thing? Provide a completely closed, integrated system produced and sold exclusively by Microsoft. The hypocrisy of this company and it’s so called supporters (read shills) knows no bounds. As a prime example, the only person who was uber impressed with this move was that well known shill Enderle who was quoted in a BBC news article as saying “Microsoft is trying to encompass Apple and turn them into a bit player” (The BBC had the gall to call Enderle a “Respected Analyst”. Sheesh ! Talk about lowering your standards). Microsoft and their propoganda machine in the tech media have been trying to turn Apple into a bit player for decades. Apple still survived and today are more successful than ever. For the simple reason that they continue to make some of the BEST products on the market. And all that the morally bankrupt monopoly in Redmond can do is make cheap imitations of Apple products (read VISTA and now ZUNE).

So once again Microsoft is copying not only the device (based on the pictures) but copying and expanding the business model from Apple. Mind you, I am not in the least bit complaining about the fact that the iPod has competition. I feel that is a great thing as it will only cause Apple to work harder and innovate to make the iPod / iTunes experience better (Note that it was Steve Jobs who first talked about Microsoft making their own music player and looks like they are taking his advice). Of course, you can bet that Microsoft on the other hand will continue to use their desktop monopoly to muscle their way into this market and use their billions to pressure the recording companies to favor the Zune way over the iPod.

The hardware makers and Napster et. al. who “trusted” Microsoft and it’s “Plays for Sure” program are the ones now left holding the bag. But I have no sympathy for people that get screwed by Microsoft anymore. Just like the people that insist on using that malware infested OS they call Windows, or the developers/companies that think Microsoft is a great “Partner”, they deserve everything that’s coming to them.

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