Another one joins the Mac Cult.

I came across this article today. A columnist for the Sydney Morning Herald describes why he is switching to a Mac. The words ring so true to me as they do to millions of people that FINALLY let go of their malware infested Windows bloatware and switched to a simple tool that lets you get on with life. Here’s a snippet.


“I HAVE had just about enough of Microsoft.

I’ve had it with rebooting my notebook and my desktop constantly because my applications crawl to a halt. I’ve had it with reformatting my drives every few months to get rid of all the stuff that accumulates on them.

I’ve had it with dysfunctional bloatware, inelegantly designed and inefficiently coded. I’ve had it with viruses and worms and Trojan horses and spyware and all the other rubbish that Microsoft lets in.

In a move that will delight many readers of this column, I am taking the plunge and going Apple Macintosh. My son has been using one for a year now, and Apple’s OS X operating system is everything Microsoft’s is not. I don’t care about Vista; I’m moving now.”


I am sure there will be plenty of shills who will now include Graeme Philipson in the ranks of the Apple Cult or soon brand him as a Mac Zealot. The vast majority of those have never touched a Mac. To paraphrase the Morgan Stanley commercial, we measure success one switcher at a time.

Greame – Welcome to a better way of computing.

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2 Responses to Another one joins the Mac Cult.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hash, I would love to go from my little 700/G4 eMac to a newer machine, but honestly, this one was given to me, and I can’t afford a newer one with the performance I crave…otherwise, well you know.

  2. Anonymous,

    I still use my G3 iBook on a daily basis. Another benefit of the Macs – their lifespans. And compared to PCs, my iBook is actually faster when running the latest OS 10.4.


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