Lets antagonize the Mac Zealots

Dave Winer has posted a video of John Dvorak gloating over the fact that he deliberately antagonizes Mac users to get his ratings / hits up. He describes his modus operandi in the video, and how once he stirs up the pot enough, he changes positions to the exact opposite of what he started with. Those of us that have followed Dvorak’s drivel over the years are quite familiar with his flip flopping and know that he is just a common troll in the guise of a columnist / blogger. He is not alone in this and the Tech world is filled with so called analysts and columnists that make a living poking fun at Mac users. The bigger part of this story to me is the “Ha Ha” factor. The genius Dvorak now pointing out the stupidity and gullibility of the “Mac Cult” – for the amusement of Windows apologists the world over.

What these morons don’t see is that the reason the so called “Mac Cultists” react the way they do is because of the years of systematic FUD that Mac users have had to put up with and spend time and effort trying to dispel. Microsoft doesn’t have to spread FUD themselves anymore. They have an entire squadron of shills in the form of analysts and columnist blowhards that will spread their FUD for them. And every piece of FUD is then regurgitated as gospel by the tech media and amplified ten times over. It then becomes the story of the big lie repeated often enough. Mac users then only have two choices. They can ignore the troll and thus let the lie get bigger, or they can respond trying to correct the lie and be branded as zealots. As in every case there will be a few that will respond to idiocy with stupidity, and these emails will be then displayed to the world as the sample of the hate mail that the Mac Zealots unleash on the poor little blogger/journalist that dared to say something negative about Apple.

The fact of the matter is that PC users / Windows apologists can only dream of inspiring such loyalty among their customers. It astounds me that when Windows users choose malware infested, bug ridden PCs, they are supposedly rational people that are using the best tool for the job, but when someone chooses a Mac (or Linux for that matter) they are automatically branded Kool-Aid drinking ravenous zealots. I believe in the end these trolls will get what’s coming to them. In the journalism and now blogging business, the only currency one has of any value is credibility. Once you lose that, you can never get it back.

So, to the Dvoraks of the world, all I can say is keep it up. Your arrogance will be your downfall.
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