LG joins the FUD brigade

Microsoft has now signed up LG for a “Patent Swap” agreement and of course they just HAD to mention that it included use of “patented Microsoft technology” in its products, including Linux-based devices.

As in the Novell deal Microsoft ends up actually paying a net sum in the swap but that will soon be lost in the propaganda blitz. And to no ones surprise

Microsoft did not detail just what patents LG was licensing, and LG did not say if its Linux-based devices violated any Microsoft patents.

I hate to advocate a new software “cold war”, but I am so tempted to wish for someone like Red Hat or the OIN to start signing up Microsoft customers for a “patent pact”. Fight FUD with FUD. Make vague unsubstantiated claims about how Windows and other Microsoft software violates OIN patents (which they probably do) but refuse to detail which ones. The FOSS community can make the same claims as MS that is not interested in litigation, just wanting to “build bridges”.

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