Divide and Conquer

And another one has caved. Microsoft has signed a Novell like deal with Xandros. Part of the deal – the usual FUD line of “Patent Protection”. Another opportunity for Ballmer et. al. to go screaming out to the world saying “See! we told you Linux was violating our precious IP patents”.

Xandros went for the quick buck. They were floundering as a distro and as most ethically challenged companies do, they decided to sell out. Biting the hand that feeds you is NEVER profitable in the long run. But CEOs and shareholders don’t care about that.

Of course this is just another simple “divide and conquer” ploy by Microsoft. When developers ditch Xandros, Microsoft is not going to come to their rescue. Just ask SCO. But it is one more “failed” Linux company that Bill Hilf can point to in their next “get the facts/FUD” campaign.

I said this about Novell before. Make a deal with the devil and you will surely pay. The only way to stop this nonsense is for FOSS developers to quit working with Microsoft. If you keep believing their lies about “building bridges”, the only one you are hurting is yourselves, and the FOSS community that has made you what you are.

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